A Week in Paradise: Glovers Reef (Belize)

Think about an unspoilt island in the middle of the Caribbean sea, covered by coconut palms and placed right in a coral reef. A place where the mass tourism hasn´t arrived yet, neither the electricity or the crowds. It´s hard to believe a place like this still exists. And that it hasn´t been ruined and turned into a huge resort like in most of the other caribbean islands.

Here the pace is still slow like back in the days of the pirates. You wake up with the sunrise, enjoy the birds singing, catch your dinner of the sea and refresh yourself while snorkelling with turtles and sharks. At night the hermit crabs will take care of the dirt dishes while you enjoy the show of thousands of stars in the sky and hundreds of fire worms in the water. Life was never this simple and amazing.




We heard about the North-East Caye by a friend we made on the road, the best source to find these sort of places. We had high expectations but the reality of the place was even better. We spent a full week catching lobsters in the lagoon, diving some of the most pristine corals we´ve ever seen, kayaking in crystal clear waters and eating tons of fresh coconuts of the island. What a place and what a week.

A week is a minimum, but you can easily spend a few without noticing it. If you decide to stay 3 weeks, you get an extra one for free. Not a bad deal!

You really need sun to fully enjoy the island. So go during the dry season from december to june.

A weekly boat departs Sitee River every Sunday morning bringing you back next Saturday afternoon. This boat transfer is included in the price you pay for your week´s accommodation.


Do your shopping in Hopkins and bring all the food with you. The meals at the island´s restaurant are quite expensive and you will have a kitchen in your cabin anyway.


What We Liked The Most

  • Lobster hunting in the lagoon
  • Great scuba diving and kayaking
  • The simple life in the island


What We Didn’t Like That Much

  • We only stayed one week


Watch The Video of Our Stay at Glovers Reef!


Final Thoughts

If you come to Belize you can´t miss this place. It was the highlight of the country for us and, without a doubt, one of our favourites spots in the whole trip. And that´s a lot! 

Morning swims in the lagoon, sunsets over the neighbour islands, huge lobsters off shore, fresh coconuts all over, night fire-worms, spectacular diving, great fishing, kayaking, sailing… the list goes on. Just come and do your own thing. Enjoy the slow pace and you will never want to leave the island. 


And you? What do you think about Glovers Reef? Have You Ever Been To The Cayes in Belize?  Share Your Experience Below.

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