Kayaking Expedition to Espiritu Santo Island (Mexico)

We spent one week exploring the beautiful Island of Espíritu Santo by kayak in the Sea of Cortez, about 20 km from La Paz, Baja California. We thought one week would be enough but in the end it was too short.

Paddling from La Paz added a few hours to the trip but saved us the cost of transport of the kayak to the end of the peninsula. A local tour company, Sea and Adventures offered us a great deal for outfitting our kayaking trip. Thanks!

May is the off season for kayaking which allowed us to have the island to ourselves. The wind was not strong but the mosquitos were in full force.

You can paddle around the island in 3-4 days, but give yourself a week and you will enjoy it much more.

Overnight trips from October to May. Kayak rentals to experienced paddlers all year round.

Shuttle service is also provided if needed. You can check their rates here.

Go around May, when the crowds are gone and it’s still not too hot to enjoy the paddling

The Sea of Cortez is one of the bodies of water with the most variety of wildlife, 31 different species of marine mammals make this sea their home. We spent the week paddling amongst pods of dolphins, sea turtles, jumping manta rays and sea lions. Camping in the islands many bays where the clear, warm turquoise water meets secluded fine white sand beaches.

What We Liked The Most

  • Camping in caves
  • Swimming in pristine clear waters
  • Wildlife: dolphins, turtles, mobula rays, sea lions…

What We Didn’t Like That Much

  • Mosquitos at night
  • Heat during the day


Watch The Video Of The Kayaking Expedition To Espiritu Santo Island!


Photo Gallery


Final Thoughts

If you like enjoying the nature in solitude, exploring areas where there is no civilization and feeling conected to the surroundings, then Espiritu Santo Island is for you. We absolutely loved the week we spent there. It was one of the highlights of Baja California.

Pack your tent, bring plenty of food and water and get ready to enjoy one of the most beautiful and incredible places in the Sea of Cortez.


And you? What do you think about the Kayak Expeditions? Have You Ever Been To Espiritu Santo Island?  Share Your Experience Below.

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