Bicycle Trip Around the Huasteca Potosina (Mexico)

It wasn´t in the initial plan but we had some time to kill before arriving to Mexico DF due to the adventure with Antonio´s passport. Many Mexicans were telling us about the beauty of the Huasteca and the fact that it doesn´t appear in most of the guidebooks made it even more appealing.

So we went all the way to San Luis Potosí and from there, we kept cycling east towards Ciudad Valles. On the way, we met with our friend Álvaro again, so we shared some great days on the road together in this very special area of Mexico.

Thanks to Aventureros del Río Tampaón, we were able to visit the famous Tamul Cascade along with interesting rock formations and caves (swimming hole included!) on the way.



There is a lot to see, minimum 2-3 days, but you will fully enjoy the place if you have a full week.

Try to avoid the rainy season, from July to September.

Having your own wheels is the best way to go. There is public transport only to some places.

Avoid weekends and go during the week when the sites are empty.


What We Liked The Most

  • Gorgeous camping spots.
  • Swimming every day in natural pools and waterfalls.
  • A beautiful swimming hole inside a cave, on the way to Tamul falls. An incredible spot.

What We Didn´t Like That Much

  • The intense heat during the day.
  • Most of the well-known spots charge you for the entry. Fortunately, there are plenty of other sites as beautiful as the famous ones which are free of charge.


Don´t Miss The Video Of Our Adventure In The Huasteca!


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Final Thoughts

The Huasteca is one of those places you better go now before it is spoiled by tourism. The area has truly beautiful spots and you will likely be able to enjoy them on your own. The possibilities are endless, from multi-days routes hiking with a backpack to single-days excursions.

Speaking Spanish and having your own mode of transport, you don´t need any tourist agency to take you there. You will be able to negociate directly with the Mexicans, saving you some money, as well as support the local communities of the area.

Go now. Visit the Huasteca before it´s too late. Don´t forget your tent and swim suit! You won´t get tired of swimming at every swimming hole or waterfall in this magic place, one of the least known of Mexico.


And You? Have you heard of the Huasteca Potosina? Have You Ever Been To This Area of México? Share Your Experiences by Leaving a Comment Below.

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